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Frequently Asked Questions

Is filibuster good or bad?

Unfortunately for America, the filibuster still exists — and may still be used to strip people of their voting rights. In fact, the filibuster itself could be fairly described as the single worst feature of U.S. Senate procedure. It exists because of a thoughtless error and has only infrequently been used for positive ends.

Who changed filibuster rules?

Walter Mondale. 42nd Vice President of the United States. Former Vice President Walter Mondale (D), who died Monday, led a successful effort to reform the filibuster in 1975, when he was a U.S....

What is the filibuster and why it's important?

From the beginning, the U.S. Senate has had a tradition of allowing unlimited debate-or filibustering-which can delay or even prevent action on legislation. In theory, filibusters can help to protect minority views from the tyranny of the majority. It has been used effectively to prevent action on numerous pieces of legislation over the years.

Why do you need 60 votes in the Senate?

The answer is that that's what the Founders intended. The Senate was designed to be the "cooling saucer," where the two parties were forced to work together. That 60-vote threshold ensures that in order to pass legislation, the majority party needs to get some buy-in from the minority. However, that has been eroding.

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