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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the historical ratio of gold to silver?

From a very long term historical perspective, a gold silver ratio in the 16 range has been the norm. Since ancient times, it has typically taken 16 ounces of silver to purchase one ounce of gold.

What is the history of silver?

Silver's history is long. The first evidence of silver mining dates back to 3000 B.C., in Turkey and Greece, according to the RSC. Ancient people even figured out how to refine silver. They heated the silver ore and blew air over it, a process called cupellation.

What is the history of silver prices?

Silver price history 1960 onward. The price of silver is driven by speculation and supply and demand, like most commodities. The price of silver is notoriously volatile compared to that of gold because of the smaller market, lower market liquidity and demand fluctuations between industrial and store of value uses.

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