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Frequently Asked Questions

What is capsular tightening of the hip?

What is known is the condition has an inflammatory basis which affects the synovial lining tissue of the joint and this is followed by a progressive fibrosis of the hip capsule (the envelope of soft tissue that surrounds the joint) and it is this capsular tightening that causes loss of motion. Figure 1.

What happens if your hip capsule is too tight?

When the hip capsule is hypomobile (or tight), your body is likely to compensate either up or down the kinetic chain to still achieve movement. This can lead to various pathologies in the lumbar spine as well as the lower extremity (1-5).

Can capsule length predict anterior hip tightness and pain?

Interestingly, as the patients were imaged in a supine position, the thicker regions of the capsule corresponded to shorter capsule lengths, which may explain anterior hip tightness and pain.

What does it mean when your hips are tight?

If there are tight muscles in your hips, that means that there are also WEAK muscles in your hip. The weakness in the deep stabilizer muscles means that your femur (thigh bone) moves around too much. Therefore, this can cause other muscles, like your quads and hamstrings, to be overactive.

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