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Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can the new Toyota Hilux FX carry?

"As an answer to its customer's business and hauling needs, Toyota makes use of the Hilux's agile frame by installing a rear deck which can accommodate more passengers and cargo," Toyota said in a statement. The new Hilux FX can carry as much as 15 passengers (12 at the back and three in front) or up to 1,000 kilograms of loadable weight.

Why buy a Toyota Hilux?

The high-performance engine of the Toyota Hilux lets you conquer roads and scale mountains --and every trail in between. With all this power in your hands, we make sure you're comfortably in command with technology placed at your fingertips. The Toyota Hilux may be built for the rough roads, but safety is always our top priority.

What is the wheel size of the Hilux FX 4x2?

Hilux FX 4x2 With Rear Aircon 2393 cc engine offers 148 hp of power and 343 Nm of torque. Hilux FX 4x2 With Rear Aircon runs on 15 Inch alloy wheels and its tyre size and type are 205/70 R15 and Radial, respectively.

How fuel efficient is the new Toyota Hilux FX?

Aside from being a multi-purpose vehicles, the new Toyota Hilux also boasts of being fuel efficient as it registered reaching 19.2 kilometers to a liter in the Department of Energy Fuel Economy Run last year. The new Hilux FX sells for P810,000 for the variant without the rear air-conditioning system, and P840,000 with rear air-conditioning.

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