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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no herons in New Jersey?

Wetland destruction has caused a decrease in heron populations from their historic numbers. Since the 1950s, habitat loss has occurred at an alarming rate in New Jersey, destroying wetlands critical to breeding herons. Great blue herons are the largest wading bird in New Jersey.

What is a heron?

The herons are long-legged freshwater and coastal birds in the family Ardeidae, with 64 recognised species, some of which are referred to as egrets or bitterns rather than herons.

Where do herons live in North America?

Great blue herons are one of the largest and most widespread wading birds in North America, found in wetlands throughout the region. They’re common in freshwater and saltwater, where they stalk the shallow shorelines for fish and crustaceans.

Are there herons in the Garden State?

The other heron that most nature lovers get to know early on is the great blue heron. Our egrets, for the most part, leave the Garden State in the winter, but great blue herons are with us year-round, usually seen in stream corridors, along the edge of a lake or pond, or in a channel of a saltmarsh.

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