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Frequently Asked Questions

What were Hermes ' accomplishments?

Often depicted as swift and youthful, Hermes was believed to be responsible for guiding departed souls to the underworld. The name 'Hermes' literally means 'boundary marker.' ... Recognizing what cunning and speed was needed to accomplish the cattle theft, he made Hermes the messenger of the gods.

What jobs did Hermes have?

Hermes. It was his job to fetch Persephone from the god Hades in the Underworld. He used his lyre to lull the hundred-eyed giant Argus to sleep and then slew the giant to rescue the maiden Io.

Does Hermes have a son?

Saon may have been a son of Hermes but it was also believed that he was actually a son of Zeus. If Saon was a son of Hermes, his mother would have been Rhene.

What is Hermes used for?

The Caduceus has graced all industries associated with Hermes, such as trading and commerce. It was also believed that the herald of the Olympian gods had invented coinage, so his staff was often used as a symbol in commerce. And since Hermes is a great orator, his staff also used to symbolize orators.

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