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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the attenuation of a helium antenna?

The second is the frequency that the antenna will be transmitting at. The higher the frequency, the higher the attenuation (loss). The Helium frequency operates in the 900mhz or in HAM speak the 33cm band. Above is a chart that quantifies DB loss over a particular type of cable.

What is the best antenna topography for helium?

As I said at the beginning, the general rule for topography is this: The flatter your topography, the higher gain antenna you can use, up to 9 dBi for 95% of placements. Beyond 9 the pattern gets too flat AND you’ll violate the power/signal rules Helium uses to help combat spoofing. When you violate those rules, you get invalid witnesses.

How much will my EIRP drop if I connect my antenna?

As a rough rule of thumb, each connection (hotspot to antenna cable, antenna cable to antenna, or going through an enclosure wall using a connector) will drop your EIRP by .5 dB. Cable losses vary by cable, which is why most people use a “low loss” cable like LMR400. If you want to run your EIRP numbers, here’s how.

What is the cable type of the dB loss chart?

DB Loss Chart Cable Type DB Loss RG-58 16.5 RG-8X 12.8 LMR-240 7.6 RG-213 8.0 8 more rows ...

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