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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a health information management system?

These systems improve health care workers’ ability to coordinate care by delivering a patient’s health information and visit history when and when needed. The system must keep data secure and control who has access to the data under specified conditions.

What is a hospital information system (his)?

A hospital information system (HIS) is a subset of health information management technology that focuses on hospital administration. A HIS is a complete, integrated information system meant to manage all hospital business areas, including medical, administrative, financial, and legal issues.

What does a health information and management professional do?

A professional in the health information and management field will be able to apply their skills and knowledge to ensure that the data in a medical setting runs smoothly, is successfully managed, and protected from any potential hazard.

Why AHIMA certification?

AHIMA-certified professionals keep health information human. Learn, Lead and Thrive. Health care professionals face unprecedented challenges. We are called upon to innovate our heath information management systems while adapting to new regulations and evolving technologies.

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