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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of Health Information Management?

Some of their primary tasks include the following:Implement processes and systems to ensure accurate and complete medical record documentationWork with physicians to improve the quality of documentationOversee coding staff to ensure accurate coding for reimbursement and clinical careEnsure compliance with state and federal laws and standards related to privacy, security, and record completionMore items...

What is the role of Health Information Management?

Health information management (HIM) professionals, who are also known as medical records technicians, organize paper and digital records that they receive from doctors, diagnostic labs or from patients filling out forms. Important HIM responsibilities include ensuring that any data is accurate, complete, timely and secure at all time.

What jobs are in health information management?

Health information managers may take up various roles as health information technicians, billing specialists, clinical informatics specialists, coding managers, and data quality managers. Usually, these positions require a bachelor’s degree and some may require special certifications or a master’s degree. Below are a few careers that ...

What are the responsibilities of Health Information Professionals?

Analyzing data to help facilitate decisions and actionsDeveloping data-driven solutions to improve patient healthCollaborating with other departments in the healthcare system to reduce expenses through strategic data analysisDesigning and implementing tools to measure data, patient care effectiveness and processesMore items...

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