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Frequently Asked Questions

What determines a strong or weak acid?

An acid is considered weak or strong depending on how many of it’s Hydrogen ions it dissociates in water. When an acid dissociates incompletely, or does not release all of it’s Hydrogen ions, it is considered weak. Vice versa, if the acid dissociates completely, or releases 100% of it’s Hydrogen ions, then it is considered strong.

Which is the strongest acid, HClO4 or HBrO3?

Among these three acids HClO3 is the strongest acid, with greatest Ka and lowest pKa value (-1), Then comes HBrO3, its the second most strongest acid among the three, its Pka value is 0.7, higher than HClO3 but smaller than HIO3 (i. e. 0.77) which the weakest acid among the three.

Is H2SO4 a strong or a weak acid?

Weak acid always forms a strong conjugate base. A weak base always forms a strong conjugate acid. So, H2SO4 is a strong acid that makes a weak conjugate base according to the concept of conjugate acid-base pair. The conjugate base of H2SO4 is HSO4-.

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