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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hydrosulfuric acid strong or weak?

Classified as a weak acid, hydrosulfuric acid's strongest distinguishing feature is its strong smell, reminiscent of rotten eggs, giving it the nicknames of "stink damp" and "sewer gas.".

Is HBR a strong or weak and an acid or base?

HBr is not only strong acid but it is one of the strongest minerals acids as it completely breaks off when dissolved in an aqueous solution, which means it doesn't leave any traces of its parts in an aqueous solution, all parts of it completely ionized in solution and increases the concentration of hydrogen ions.

Why is HSO4- a strong acid?

HSO4- is not a strong acid because it is actually a weak acid. That means that it partially dissociates to make H+ and SO4^2-. However, H2SO4 is a strong acid and completely dissociates to create H+ and HSO4-.

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