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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the compound HBrO4?

The compound perbromic acid is the inorganic compound with the formula HBrO 4. It is an oxoacid of bromine. Perbromic acid is unstable and cannot be formed by displacement of chlorine from perchloric acid, as periodic acid is prepared; it can only be made by protonation of the perbromate ion. Perbromic acid is a strong acid and strongly oxidizing.

Why do I2 and Br2 have different entropies?

The masses of these molecules would suggest the opposite trend in their entropies. The observed trend is a result of the more significant variation of entropy with a physical state. At room temperature, I 2 is a solid, Br 2 is a liquid, and Cl 2 is a gas.

What is the molecular-scale interpretation of entropy?

This molecular-scale interpretation of entropy provides a link to the probability that a process will occur as illustrated in the next paragraphs. Consider the general case of a system comprised of N particles distributed among n boxes. The number of microstates possible for such a system is nN.

How does entropy change with temperature?

Thus, the entropy for any substance increases with temperature ( Figure 5 ). Figure 5. Entropy increases as the temperature of a substance is raised, which corresponds to the greater spread of kinetic energies. When a substance melts or vaporizes, it experiences a significant increase in entropy.

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