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Frequently Asked Questions

What chords are used in have your ever seen the rain?

Welcome to my Have Your Ever Seen the Rain chord chart. This is a somewhat beginner-intermediate acoustic guitar song that I like doing with my students. What makes it more intermediate is the use of the F barre chord. Now, if you don't know barre chords yet, we can simplify the song use an Fmaj7 chord as shown below.

What is the song I Wanna Know have you ever seen the rain?

It’s (I Wanna Know) Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival. As far as the tutorial is concerned, this one is pretty simple for how cool it sounds once you get it all together. The verse is just 2 chords (C, G) and uses a simple, percussive strumming pattern.

What is your favourite part of “Have you ever seen the rain”?

My favourite part of the tune, the bit that always gets me, is the descending bassline during the chorus when he sings “have you ever seen the rain.” We spend some time looking at that and figuring out how to get nice, smooth chord changes.

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