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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular food in Haiti?

In general, the average Haitian diet is largely based on starch staples such as rice (which is locally grown), corn, millet, yams, and beans. However, wealthier residents can afford meats (usually pork and goat), lobster, spiced shrimp, duck, and sweet desserts such as French-influenced mousse and pastries.

What are Haiti's main foods?

3 FOODS OF THE HAITIANS Bannann Peze (Fried Plantains) Riz et Pois Rouges (Rice and Red Beans) Riz Djon-Djon (Rice and Haitian Mushrooms) Haitian Fruit Salad

What foods are eaten in Haiti?

3 FOODS OF THE HAITIANS. Calalou (kah-lah-LOO), consisting of crabmeat, salted pork, spinach, onion, okra, and peppers, and pain patate (pane pah-TAT), a sweetened potato, fig, and banana pudding, are other native dishes to Haiti. Soup jomou (pumpkin soup) is traditionally served for lunch on Sundays.

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