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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find secret stashes in Hades?

Where To Find Secret Stashes In Hades To unlock the set of Secret Stashes you need to progress in building up a good alliance with the characters. You can do it by gifting them a jar of Nectar, and by completing some of the tasks that they ask you. At that point, you will get the Keepsake in the game.

How do you unlock keepsakes in Hades?

Hades Secret Stashes As you progress in the game and receive different companions or keepsakes from NPCs by giving them jars of Nectar, you’ll unlock a Keepsakes Cabinet. Keepsakes Cabinet is located in Skelly’s room and can be accessed. If you interact or access the Cabinet, it’ll show all of the Keepsakes you’ve unlocked.

What are secret keepsakes and secret stashes?

If you examine it, you’ll see all of the Keepsakes you’ve unlocked so far, along with six golden slots at the bottom, which have been labeled as Secret Stashes. These are actually slots reserved for legendary Keepsakes, or companions, which you can get later on in the game once you’ve strengthened your relationship with certain characters.

Are the Hades keepsakes worth it?

There are several Hades Keepsakes available, gifted to you by the various NPCs throughout the game, and some are definitely better than others. While most of the Hades Keepsakes have value in some situation or another, there are definitely 5 that are going to get a lot more mileage than all the rest.

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