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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hades DLC worth it?

Even though Supergiant Games doesn't really do DLC or expansion content, Hades is the perfect game to get it. The base game already set up a deeply rich world, and there are so many more ideas that could be pulled from Greek mythology.

What is the gameplay like in Hades?

Gameplay-wise, Hades blends together several video game genres into a cohesive whole: the isometric action gameplay of Supergiant's games, the randomized labyrinths of Roguelike games, the harsh-but-fair resurrection mechanics of Dark Souls, and the in-depth character relationships of visual novels.

Is Heracles in Hades?

And while Hades is a great game on its own, the addition of these figures through DLC or content updates could make the game that much better. Perhaps better known by his Roman equivalent Hercules, some might find it surprising that Heracles is nowhere to be found in Hades except for an occasional reference.

Can Supergiant Games' Hades break this popular game pattern?

Across its library of games, there's one pattern that Supergiant Games has, but there's a strong case to break it for its hit Hades. Anybody who has payed attention to popular games in 2020 will have heard of Supergiant Games' Hades by now.

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