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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alliance of Guardian Angels?

The Alliance of Guardian Angels is an international public safety organization which promotes citizen involvement in public safety issues in major cities all over the world. The organization leads workshops and trainings in vulnerable communities, and members lead street patrols which are designed to reduce the level of criminal activity.

How does Guardian Angel work?

As their name implies, guardian angels are often seen as working to guard people against danger. The ancient Mesopotamians looked to the guardian spirit beings called the shedu and the lamassu to help protect them from evil.

Who is the founder of Guardian Angels?

Founder, The Guardian Angels. Curtist Sliwa is an activist and the founder of the Guardian Angels, a volunteer anti-crime organization. Founded in 1979 in New York, the group now leads unarmed safety patrols and spearheads educational programs in over 140 cities around the world.

What happened to the Guardian Angels?

Former mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg have publicly supported the group. Today the Guardian Angels activity died down in the 1990’s and 2000’s but have recently resurfaced as a result of increased crime in New York City.

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