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Frequently Asked Questions

Will guardian angels protect New York City?

The all-volunteers Guardian Angels have vowed to protect New York City following “mayhem” which has erupted on the streets following the death of George Floyd. (Image courtesy of the Guardian Angels.) more >

What is the history of the Guardian Angels?

Please help update this to reflect recent events or newly available information. The Guardian Angels is a non-profit international volunteer organization of unarmed crime prevention. The Guardian Angels organization was founded on February 13, 1979, in New York City by Curtis Sliwa. It later spread to over 130 cities and 13 countries worldwide.

Are the Guardian Angels in the Marvel superheroes?

The Guardian Angels also got an entry in the Marvel Super Heroes roleplaying game Deluxe City campaign set. "The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us", a tribute to the Guardian Angels, is a soul-funk-disco song recorded in New York City in 1979 by the Golden Flamingo Orchestra featuring Margo Williams.

How many guardian angels are there?

For 37 years, thousands of people have joined the Guardian Angels and created chapters in over 130 cities in 13 countries to protect their communities and improve substantially the quality of life. Guardian Angels are role models in the community and lead by example.

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