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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are guardian angels?

Guardian Angels are role models in the community and lead by example. They understand that problems of any community cannot be solved single-handedly and requires the cooperation of all its members. They recognize the need to foster community pride and civic mindedness to help remove many of the societal ills making safety patrol necessary.

What does a guardian angel volunteer do?

Their programs are enabling people to take action without relying on government, a key principle of The Guardian Angels. Chapter Volunteers use their hard-earned experience to teach self-defense courses and “street smarts” skills to seniors, women and community groups, schools and university students around the country.

What do the guardian angels do to prevent crime?

The Guardian Angels recognize that by thinking solely in terms of protection instead of prevention we are throwing up the white flag and surrendering to the inevitability of crime. Safety Patrols have been the heart and soul of the Guardian Angels since its inception.

What is the guardian angels and Joseph Esquega health centre?

The Thunder Bay Guardian Angels and Joseph Esquega Health Centre partner in pilot program aimed at addressing health issues for cities most vulnerable teens, with overwhelming support of Mayor Keith Hobbs.

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