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Who is the founder of guardian angel?

^ "Guardian Angel's Founder Curtis Sliwa Weds Attorney Nancy Regula". The Bronx Chronicle. July 9, 2018. Retrieved October 28, 2021. Paterson, David (2020). Black, Blind, & in Charge: A Story of Visionary Leadership and Overcoming Adversity. New York: Skyhorse Publishing. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Curtis Sliwa.

Why did Curtis Sliwa start The Guardian Angels?

He knew that the City he was born in, the City he loved, deserved better. So Curtis Sliwa acted. What started as a group of him and a dozen other dedicated volunteers riding the subways of New York to serve as protectors of everyday law abiding citizens grew into the “Guardian Angels” that residents of the Big Apple have come to know and love.

Who are The Guardian Angels on ‘Angels in action?

The Guardian Angels are featured in a Network reality TV series called Angels in Action. In the first episode, Curtis Sliwa opens the series, and it follows the Philadelphia Guardian Angels as they spread information about a neighborhood rapist and make a drug bust.

Who is the founder of the California Angels?

In 2009, at the Angels' 30th-anniversary celebration held in New York City, and then again in 2010 at the World Conference held in San Francisco, founder Curtis Sliwa announced the plan to develop Internet-based training for the organization.

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