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Frequently Asked Questions

What do the guardian angels do?

The Guardian Angels also understand the importance of changing the atmosphere in a neighborhood. The change in atmosphere is a change in attitude. An attitude of urgency in taking back the streets from the criminals. An attitude that we can retrieve the quality of life that rightfully belongs to us only if we think and care about one another.

How many guardian angels are there?

For 37 years, thousands of people have joined the Guardian Angels and created chapters in over 130 cities in 13 countries to protect their communities and improve substantially the quality of life. Guardian Angels are role models in the community and lead by example.

What is the we not I philosophy of Guardian Angels?

This philosophy permeates the Guardian Angels today who stand ready to assist those willing to step up and get involved. Rising criminal activity and decreased public services can paralyze communities. This is when the We Not I philosophy of the Guardian Angels is so powerful.

What is the guardian angels and Joseph Esquega health centre?

The Thunder Bay Guardian Angels and Joseph Esquega Health Centre partner in pilot program aimed at addressing health issues for cities most vulnerable teens, with overwhelming support of Mayor Keith Hobbs.

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