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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on the use of clauses prescribed in gsar?

(2) There are no restrictions on their use. (3) When one clause depends on the use of another clause, the solicitation includes all necessary clauses. 552.102 Incorporating provisions and clauses. You may incorporate clauses prescribed in the GSAR for solicitations and contracts by reference. 552.103 Identification of provisions and clauses.

How many items are in the GSA catalog 2021?

2021 Supply Catalog GSA Global Supply is pleased to present its 2021 Supply Catalog. It contains more than 7,900 items including office supplies (with many toner choices), tools, an expanded furniture selection, and much more. All items are available via simple requisitions through whatever ordering mechanism is best for you:

What are the sales reporting requirements for industrial funding fee and sales?

(c) In accordance with clause 552.238-80, Industrial Funding Fee and Sales Reporting, the Contractor must report the quarterly dollar value of all sales under this contract. When submitting sales reports, the Contractor must report two dollar values for each Special Item Number:

What is the GSA form 1142 release of claims?

(d) The Contractor shall use GSA Form 1142 Release of Claims to provide the certification required under FAR 52.232-5 (h). (e) If an invoice does not meet the requirements of FAR 52.232-27 and GSAM 552.232-27, the Contracting Officer may return the invoice to the Contractor without payment for correction.

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