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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GSA global supply?

GSA Global Supply is a federal program administered by the General Services Administration. It is a requisition-based supply program for customers worldwide, including the DoD.

Can I order GSA global supply on the FedMALL site?

After extensive collaboration with DLA, we're pleased to say that all of those GSA Global Supply part-numbered items are now visible and available for MILSTRIP ordering on the FedMall site. Enter a search term on the FedMall home page, or select the "GSA Global Supply" shopping corridor on the dropdown menu.

How many items are in the GSA catalog 2021?

2021 Supply Catalog GSA Global Supply is pleased to present its 2021 Supply Catalog. It contains more than 7,900 items including office supplies (with many toner choices), tools, an expanded furniture selection, and much more. All items are available via simple requisitions through whatever ordering mechanism is best for you:

What is the FSSI office supplies solution?

The FSSI Office Supplies (OS3) solution was the result of a collaborative team effort among sixteen agencies across the federal government. This program balances low prices with socioeconomic and environmental goals.

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