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Frequently Asked Questions

How many items are in the GSA global supply catalog?

GSA Global Supply® 2021 Supply Catalog GSA Global Supply is pleased to present its 2021 Supply Catalog. It contains more than 7,900 items including office supplies (with many toner choices), tools, an expanded furniture selection, and much more.

Which NSNs can be requisitioned from GSA?

Every NSN may be requisitioned, regardless of order size, from GSA. GSA has already conducted a competitive procurement that satisfies all Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requirements, including environmental initiatives, trade agreement policies, socio-economic goals, AbilityOne mandates, and executive orders.

Where can I find product information about GSA products?

The best and most current source of product information is GSA Global Supply's online ordering site.

How do I get a National Stock Number (NSN)?

GSA Global Supply offers easy access to National Stock Numbers (NSN) via the requisition process. Requisitioning is a simple method for agencies to acquire products directly from GSA. Agencies submit a requisition/order to GSA for a simple government-to-government transfer that is quick, safe, and compliant.

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