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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become an animal groomer?

Animal Groomer Degree. Like most animal care and service positions, no formal schooling is required to become an animal groomer. However, a high school diploma or its equivalent is often preferred by many employers. Attending a grooming school licensed by the state will also increase one’s chances of getting hired.

What is Mobile Pet grooming?

Mobile pet grooming is a companion animal service sector that is rapidly growing for a host of reasons.

Why does a Mobile Pet Groomer?

Mobile dog groomers come to your home and bathe, trim, and groom your dog. Mobile grooming is often easier on your dog, as they don't have to go to a strange place to get groomed, and it saves you the effort of transportation . Prices for mobile pet grooming services can vary.

What is a mobile pet spa?

Mobile Pet Spa offers grooming at your curbside, home or business and includes all manner of hygiene and care. Grooming is available for many breeds, sizes and ages, as well as those with anxiety, aggression and old age.

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