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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an employee to log in to greenshades?

The alternative is to create an account, which I highly recommend. Creating an account will allow the employee to log in with their email address and the password that they create, once they have verified their identity based on information that you (the administrator) will setup on

Why greenshades payroll software?

In the beginning, Greenshades developed software that handled one of the biggest hassles of payroll: electronic tax reporting. Today, thousands of companies across the world use the Tax Filing Center to assist with a wide variety of electronic tax returns.

How can greenshades benefit management help you?

Reduce the need for employees to email questions by using The Greenshades Benefits Management solution. Empower your HR organization with this fully configurable approval process, allowing managers to approve timesheets, expense reports, time-off requests, and more.

What is greenshades year-end forms?

The Greenshades Year-End Forms process uses a combination of software, websites and government E-File services to ensure that employers can complete all oftheir year-end tax form requirements quickly and easily.

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