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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most famous neighborhoods in Athens Greece?

Acropolis is probably the most famous neighborhood in Athens owing to the presence of the magnificent ancient monument,... 2. Exarcheia The neighborhood of Exarcheia is located approximately between Kolonaki and Alexandras Avenue and is most known as the...

Where to stay in Athens Greece?

Description: Koukaki is a beautiful neighborhood in the center of Athens and a breath away from city center. Located on the southeast part of Filopappou hill, it is a very nice neighborhood to stay in Athens. View on map Description: Kifissia is among the greenest and most elegant neighbourhoods of Athens.

Where is the greekest place in North America?

Sorry Astoria, but Tarpon Springs takes the cake as the Greekest place in North America. A century-plus continuous Greek presence, the smell of real salt water and quaint fishing boats dotting the harbor with names like “Anastasia” and “Agios Nikolaos” make this Florida fishing village our top choice.

What is the most central area of Athens?

Syntagma a.k.a. Constitution square is the most central area of Athens. The Parliament building is the centre of... 11. Thission Thission is a neighborhood with interesting contrasts: a wide pedestrian street, Apostolou Pavlou, leading from the metro...

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