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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Gran Fondo or endurance road bike?

An endurance bike , otherwise referred to as a sportive or gran fondo bike, is a bike that has been designed to make long days in the saddle just that little bit easier by providing a more...

What is a Gran Fondo cycling race?

The name 'gran fondo' comes from Italy where it refers to a particular type of cycling race where roads are closed and the event is timed; Italian gran fondos are a popular route for junior Italian riders looking to turn pro and they are serious and competitive races.

Why is a Gran Fondo?

A Gran Fondo is designed to solve the participation issue by making a bike race more like a marathon. Rather than racing against other cyclists, you use the Gran Fondo to challenge yourself against the clock. The distance is usually tough enough to make you proud of simply finishing.

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