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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the Gokal family move to Karachi?

During the Partition of India, the Gokal family moved to Iraq. When the Iraqi monarchy was overthrown, the Gokal family moved to Karachi, Pakistan. Gokal had brothers; Mustafa and Murtaza Gokal. The three brothers: Abbas, Mustafa and Murtaza Gokal, had set up the Gulf Group (officially Gulf International Holdings) in Karachi.

How old is Abbas Gokal?

Abbas Kasimali Gokal ( Urdu: عباس ‎گوکل ‎; born in 1936) is a Pakistani businessman, who was chairman of the Gulf Shipping Lines, once the largest shipping empire in the world. Gokal was convicted of fraud in May 1997 and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Who is Ajay Gokal and what did he do?

Gokal was tried in May 1997 and found guilty of conspiring to funnel money out of the BCCI, which later contributed to the bank's collapse. He was sentenced to fourteen years in jail and confiscation of all his assets. His two brothers, Mustafa and Murtaza, were safe in Pakistan.

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