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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive Hummel figurine?

Most Valuable Hummel Figurines Adventure Bound. Hummel's estimated fair market value: $1,630.33 Adventure Bound is the most rare and valuable Hummel figurine. Picture Perfect. In this Hummel, three children and a dog sit for their picture to be taken by an old camera. ... Ring Around the Rosie. ... School Boys. ...

What is the rarest Hummel figurine?

Rare Hummels that are regarded as especially valuable include "Apple Tree Boy," "Little Goat Herder," "Going to Grandma's," and "Globe Trotter.". Hummel figurines made before 1949 or standing higher than 12 inches can sell for thousands of dollars. The value of a Hummel figurine is also higher if it is in its original box.

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