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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you log into Go Daddy email?

Enter your Go Daddy email address into the "User name" field and password into the "Password" field. Click "Log In.". Click on "Help" then select "Email Client Settings.". Locate your "Outgoing Server Information" and "Incoming Server Information" and record it. You will need it when setting up your Go Daddy email account with Mail on your Mac.

How do you log into GoDaddy email?

How to Login to your Godaddy Email. On a Desktop Computer via Browser (PCs and Macs): Go to Now on the right side of the page you’ll notice a box that says ‘Workspace Webmail” at the top, enter your email address there. Then enter your webmail password in the ‘Password’ field.

Does Go Daddy provide an email service?

The GoDaddy Marketing software solution ticks all of the above boxes and is available in three price plans: Beginner (to get your email marketing efforts off the ground); Up & Running (the most popular option for budding online businesses) and Pro (for more experienced marketers with growing mailing lists).

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