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Frequently Asked Questions

How can schools develop gifted and talented programs in Australia?

Schools can also use the three dimensions of the Australian Curriculum to develop effective gifted and talented programs. Over the past two decades state and federal education authorities have contributed to inquiries into the education of gifted and talented children.

Are gifted children developing to their potential?

A number of reports suggest that gifted children are not developing to their potential. There are 80 000 gifted students enrolled in Queensland schools today (400 000 across the nation). Most are underachievers because there is no established identification process and no defensible gifted education programming in most schools.

What do Australians think about intellectual giftedness?

Whilecommunity attitudes in Australia are positive towards giftedness which is displayed in the physical domain (e.g. sport, dancing), negative attitudes towards intellectual giftedness are widespread (Gross, 1999; Senate Inquiry, 2001) and allow such misconceptions to go unchallenged.

Do pre-serviceteacher education courses in Australia offer Gifted Education?

In relation to teacher training it found that, “Most pre-serviceteacher education courses in Australia offered, at most, a few lectures on gifted education or an elective unit, often within the contextof Special Education” (Parliament of the Commonwealth ofAustralia, 1988, par. 7.19).

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