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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a GIA grading report?

The most convenient way to obtain a GIA Diamond Grading Report, Diamond Origin Report, Diamond Dossier ® or Diamond Focus ™ Report is through a local fine jewelry retailer . Retail jewelers are uniquely qualified to obtain a GIA report and to explain its contents.

How did model Gia die?

On November 18, 1986, supermodel Gia Carangi died from AIDS-related complications; making her one of the first famous women to die of the disease.

What is the name for Gia?

Gia (name) Gia is a most likely English female name, used as short for the Italian name Gianna (English Jane) or Georgia.

What is a GIA instrument?

GIA Instruments. The first GIA instrument, a 10x eye loupe, was introduced in the early 1930s. Darkfield illumination, a lighting technique that makes gem inclusions easily visible in the microscope, was patented later that decade by Robert M. Shipley, Jr., the son of GIA’s founder and an important figure in gemological instrumentation.

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