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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Coulomb's law extended to include a system of charges?

The law of superposition allows Coulomb's law to be extended to include any number of point charges. The force acting on a point charge due to a system of point charges is simply the vector addition of the individual forces acting alone on that point charge due to each one of the charges.

How do you interpret Coulomb's law in different units?

Coulomb's law and Coulomb's constant can also be interpreted in various terms: Atomic units. In atomic units the force is expressed in hartrees per Bohr radius, the charge in terms of the elementary charge, and the distances in terms of the Bohr radius. Electrostatic units or Gaussian units.

What are the conditions for the validity of Coulomb's law?

There are three conditions to be fulfilled for the validity of Coulomb's law: The charges must have a spherically symmetric distribution (e.g. be point charges, or a charged metal sphere). The charges must not overlap (e.g. they must be distinct point charges). The charges must be stationary with respect to each other.

What is the definition of Coulomb in physics?

Definition. The SI system defines the coulomb in terms of the ampere and second: 1 C = 1 A × 1 s. The second is defined in terms of a frequency naturally emitted by caesium atoms. The ampere is defined using Ampère's force law; the definition relies in part on the mass of the international prototype kilogram,...

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