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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better between geothermal and solar water heating?

When it comes to overall environmental conservation, solar water heating is better is better because it involves creation of energy from a natural source which is the sun. Geothermal heating can be used to efficiently heat other water systems in the home such as showers, dish washers and laundry equipment.

How does a geothermal water heater work?

How Geothermal Water Heaters Work. Heat pumps reduce hot water costs through a component called a desuperheater. While most geothermal heat pump manufacturers have this as an add-on, all of our residential heat pumps come with a desuperheater included for domestic hot water preheating – even our air source heat pumps.

What is geothermal heating and how does it work?

Geothermal cooling is primarily used in data centers to provide a source of cheap and efficient cooling technology. Geothermal cooling works by pushing the hot air in an environment to a level deep beneath ground level. The hot air is absorbed in water or a coolant that is drained beneath the surface using piping.

Is geothermal heating worth the cost?

The cost of maintaining traditional heating systems can be quite high, but geothermal units will save you money over the life of the heating system. Most of the geothermal unit's system components are buried underground and usually carry a 50-year warranty.

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