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Frequently Asked Questions

Does geothermal energy harm environment?

Geothermal power plants have relatively little environmental impact—they burn no fuel to create electricity. These plants do create small amounts of carbon dioxide and sulfur compounds, but geothermal emissions are far smaller than those created by fossil fuel power plants.

How do greenhouses use energy?

Unlike the atmosphere, though, greenhouses also provide a barrier to warmed air as it rises from the ground inside in a process called convection. So, in addition to their use of radiant energy, greenhouses also conserve it by limiting convection.

Is geothermal good for the Earth?

Geothermal power is also considered to be sustainable thanks to its power to sustain the Earth's intricate ecosystems. By using geothermal sources of energy present generations of humans will not endanger the capability of future generations to use their own resources to the same amount that those energy sources are presently used.

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