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Frequently Asked Questions

What does geography mean?

the science which treats of the world and its inhabitants; a description of the earth, or a portion of the earth, including its structure, fetures, products, political divisions, and the people by whom it is inhabited Etymology: [F. gographie, l. geographia, fr. Gr. ; ge`a, gh^, the earth + description, fr. to write, describe. See Graphic.]

What does geographic mean?

The definition of geography is the study of the Earth. An example of geography is the study of where the states are located. An example of geography is the climate and natural resources of the land.

What are the uses of geography?

Uses of Geography. Geographers work on problems and issues in a wide range of topics from urban planning, to social and community issues, to hazards research. In each case, understanding how people utilize and inhabit space and place, as well as understanding their interactions with the physical environment around them,...

What country has the largest geographic area?

According to land area, the biggest country in the world is Russia, with over six and a half million square miles! Following Russia are Canada, the United States, China, and Brazil. According to population, the largest country is China, with over one billion people!

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