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Frequently Asked Questions

What is jonesoft_generic mod enabler?

The JoneSoft_Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) is a utility that will allow to enable and disable a user created Mod freely into and out of the games SMG and SMA without altering the game's main components. Once the JSGME is installed, you can place as many mods into the Mod Enabler as you would like to play.

What is jsgme?

Generic Mod Enabler (jsgme) is a tiny tool specially made to help gamers seamlessly create a library out of multiple mods and activate them. It's wrapped in a plain and simple interface that reveals two panes for viewing the available and enabled mods, respectively.

What is generic mod enabler (jsmge)?

There's nothing like the amazing Generic Mod Enabler (jsmge) that modders look for. Not kidding! This Generic Mod Enabler (jsmge) makes it very easy to understand, use, and very comfortable. that makes it possible to take control of your gaming mods with the exclusive custom library created by this Generic Mod Enabler (jsmge).

Will the jsgme mod enabler work on Windows 7?

The JSGME Mod Enabler will work on all operating systems, and should be used instead of the SMFiles Utility, particularly when playing these games on Windows 7. Instruction on how to install and use the JSGME Mod Enabler are included in the download.

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