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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a GB bigger than a MB?

Yes, GB is always bigger than MB. A gigabyte is supposed to carry one billion bytes or one million kilobytes of information whereas a megabyte carries one million bytes or one thousand kilobytes of digital information. GB = One Billion bytes or One Million kilobytes MB = One Million bytes or One Thousand Kilobytes So, Gigabyte > Megabyte

What is the difference between a MB and a GB?

MB refers to one million bytes in decimal system while in binary system it stands at 1024576 bytes. GB refers to one billion bytes in decimal system while in binary system it means 10737741824 bytes. For easier understanding, you can think of MB as a gram and a GB as a kilo.

What is the diffrance between GB and MB?

Difference Between MB and GB Both megabyte and gigabyte are multiple units of byte used for digital storage and transmission, the difference is in the number of bytes that they consist of. A megabyte contains one million bytes while a gigabyte contains one billion bytes when they are used for computer data storage like hard and flash drives. When used for computer memory, a megabyte consists of 1048576 bytes. More items...

What is the country code for GB?

.gb is a reserved Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of the United Kingdom. The domain was introduced with RFC 920 in October 1984 that set out the creation of ccTLD generally using country codes derived from the corresponding two-letter code in the ISO 3166-1 list.

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