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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Gavin Newsom face a tough challenge in California recall election?

But the upcoming recall election on September 14 is presenting a serious political challenge to Governor Gavin Newsom. President Joe Biden campaigned on the eve of the polls opening for the governor in Long Beach, California.

Who is on the ballot in the Newsom recall election?

Forty-one people are hoping to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the recall election in September, according to a new list released by the Secretary of State’s Office. The ballot will be comprised of 21 Republicans, eight Democrats, two Green party candidates, one Libertarian and nine no-party-preference candidates.

Will Newsom be recalled?

There have been previous attempts to recall Newsom, but this is the first challenge to get to the ballot. The election will be just the second recall election for governor in state history. The other took place in 2003 when Democratic Governor Gray Davis was recalled and Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor.

Who will replace Gavin Newsom on the ballot?

But, if a majority vote "yes," Newsom will be replaced by the candidate who receives the highest number of votes. Who are the candidates? Twenty-four Republicans, 9 Democrats, 10 "No Party Preference" candidates, 2 Green Party and 1 Libertarian candidates will be on the ballot to replace Newsom.

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