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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at GameStop?

Our stores are designed with our customers in mind emphasizing convenience and great service. GameStop's rapidly growing, multiple-brand business model provides talented people with many ways to develop and grow their career.

What happened to GameStop?

Just about one year ago, a consumer chain lumbering its way toward business irrelevancy suddenly became the lodestar of a stock market craze. GameStop, a a money-losing video- and computer-game retailer with 5,000 stores facing a bleak future as game-buying shifted from physical products to digital downloads, seemingly had nowhere to go but down.

What makes GameStop different?

We deliver innovative, personalized and lasting gaming, technology, and collectible solutions. Customers are invited to discover and enjoy their favorite products in GameStop's welcoming and expert environment. GameStop is a family of specialty retail brands that makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple.

Why did short sellers Buy GameStop?

Another was that short sellers were chiefly rich hedge funds and vulnerable to a “short squeeze,” in which a stock is driven up, forcing the shorts to buy back in at a higher price, which puts them in the red. That meant that buying into GameStop was a way for the little guy to put it to the Man.

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