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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next G20 meeting?

US to host next G20 world meeting. The US will host the next G20 summit of world leaders in September, the White House has confirmed. The meeting will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thursday 24 September and Friday 25 September.

Where is the G20 meeting being held?

The 2014 G20 Brisbane summit was the ninth meeting of the G20 heads of government/heads of state. It was held in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia, on 15–16 November 2014. The hosting venue was the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre at South Brisbane. The event was the largest ever peacetime police operation in Australia.

What is G20 agenda?

Structure. The G20 is an informal forum rather than an organisation and possesses no permanent secretariat. Instead, the rotating presidency – in close coordination with the previous and following presidencies (Troika) – is responsible for the G20 agenda as well as organizing working processes, meetings, and events.

Where is the G20 summit?

The Summit of the G20 Heads of State and Government will be held in Rome on October 30th and 31st, 2021. Participants will be the Members of the G20, a few guest countries, and representatives from some of the major International and Regional Organizations. Ministers of Economy and Finance are traditionally invited to attend the event.

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