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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind futures fins?

@John John Florence and Vince Longo, founder of Futures Fins, pull some old fin and foil design... Autumn 2021 delivered a 6 week run of amazing waves for the Durban beachfront and Twiggy was there to surf every session.

Who is fatfutures fins?

Futures Fins began in a garage in California in 1996. The Longo brothers had a reputation for tackling challenging aerospace parts and fabricating hydrogen fuel cells for research, but in 1996 they decided to combine their technical know-how with something they loved. Surfing.

How many Fins does a surfboard fin have?

Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer Surfboard Fins - Thruster (3 Fins) FCS Compatible or Futures Compatible Sizes, with Fin Bag, Screws, Wax Comb and Fin Key . . . . .

Why sursurfing futures?

Surfing. They have always considered building locally extremely important, and now this allows us at Futures to dream up a fin, design it, cut it and surf it, all in a matter of hours under one roof in Huntington Beach. With this ability, we constantly evolve our designs, creating new feelings and new experiences.

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