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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get case information from FSSA?

A: Once your agency registers with FSSA, you may begin requesting access to cases through the Agency Portal. Each client needs to give you permission to view his/her case by signing the Authorization for Release of Case Status Information Form. Questions Email: [email protected] 3, April 2016

Why do I need to register with FSSA?

A: In order for agencies to view client case status online, agencies need to register with FSSA. The registration process allows FSSA to give your agency access to case status without having an Authorized Representative form on file for each client. Agency Portal Instructions Cash Assistance (TANF), Food Stamps (SNAP), Health Coverage

How do I get a response to my FSSA application?

If you would like to receive a response, please make sure you provide your email address or other appropriate contact information. Submit out of state requests to [email protected] PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT CHANGES RELATED TO YOUR CASE.

What is the Indiana CCDF state plan?

The CCDF program is administered through the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration in the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning. The CCDF state plan outlines state and local level parameters and includes program outcomes, systems development and eligibility requirements.

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