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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main meaning of "Free" in Wikipedia?

"Free" refers to licensing, as explained above; "anyone can edit" refers to the fact that Wikipedia is a wiki, a website that nearly anyone with access to the web can edit without asking for permission. However, Wikipedia strives to be a reliable encyclopedia that presents to the reader verifiable information written from a neutral point of view.

What is the biggest wiki organization?

La .lojban. Wikipedia ( pronunciation (help·info)) is a free online encyclopedia website in 327 languages of the world, 316 languages which are currently active and 11 are closed. People can freely use it, share it, and change it, without having to pay. It is also one of the biggest wiki organizations.

What is Wikipedia's purpose?

The Wikimedia community aims to be the vanguard of a knowledge revolution that will transform the world. They are the leading edge innovators and leaders of what is becoming a global movement to free knowledge from proprietary constraints.

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