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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Nintendo Switch's New Frogger game as bad as the arcade?

Well, thanks to Nintendo, arcade addicts can bring the game home and on-the-go with the Switch's port of the game. Yes, it is as blatantly cheesy and ridiculous as the arcade version. It doesn't break down any barriers, but it's still fun. Frogger is as synonymous with arcades as neon lights and garish carpet patterns.

What is Frogger?

"FROGGER" is an action game released by KONAMI in 1981. Guide a lost frog to the house on the other bank within the time limit. There will be many obstacles to overcome on the way home.

Are there any Frogger games on Nintendo systems?

Below is a list of Frogger games that have appeared on Nintendo systems. While some are similar to the original Frogger in terms of gameplay, others are full-fledged adventures that take Frogger to a variety of locations. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

How do you play Frogger?

In Frogger, you have to simply cross from one side of the level to the other. Sounds easy? It is not! There are cars and all kinds of other obstacles in your way that are just looking to kill you or flatten you like a pancake. Hop your way to victory if you can!

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