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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Frogg Toggs rain gear?

Whether you work or play outdoors, frogg toggs has the right waterproof rain gear for your application. We've got you covered with everything from emergency ponchos, waders, rain suits, and rain jackets, to hardcore foul-weather rain gear designed for the toughest conditions you will face.

Are Frogg Toggs breathable?

You'll find rugged, breathable rain suits in a variety of effective camo patterns. If your outdoor adventures will involve walking through creeks or streams, a pair of frogg toggs® boots can help you keep your footing on slippery rocks.

What are the best Toggs for fishing?

Frogg Toggs are light, breathable, and perfect for fishing. Guaranteed waterproof and windproof.

How do you wear Froggs in the rain?

In colder weather, you can add a layer of protection by wearing a frogg toggs® rain jacket or rain suit over a fleece, sweatshirt, sweater or thermal underwear. The comfortable cut of these jackets, rain suits and pants provides excellent freedom of movement even when you are wearing several layers underneath.

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