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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good frog names?

8 Best Pet Frog Species White's Tree Frog. The White's tree frog ( Ranoidea caerulea) is one of the most popular frogs widely available in the pet trade, and they are one of the best ... Green Tree Frog. ... Leopard/Bull/Green Frogs. ... Horned Frogs. ... Red-Eyed Tree Frogs. ... Waxy Monkey Tree Frogs. ... Poison Dart Frogs. ... Mantellas. ...

What is a good name for a frog?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. The common green frog (Hylarana erythraea) is a frog species of in the true frog family Ranidae; some sources still use the old name Rana erythraea. It lives in Southeast Asia and is also known as green paddy frog, red-eared frog or leaf frog.

What are all the types of frogs?

Generally speaking, biologists classify the types of frogs into three broad families: Archaeobactrachia, mesobactrachia, and neobatrachia. This last family contains the majority of frogs. The most common type of frog out there is the green tree frog.

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