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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the game about Frog Fractions?

Frog Fractions. Frog Fractions is a 2012 browser game developed by Twinbeard Studios, a company composed primarily of founder Jim Crawford. The game, released on October 25, 2012, has been described as a spoof of the edutainment game genre. In the game, the player begins by controlling a frog to eat bugs and defend fruit.

Is Frog Fractions free on Steam?

On Monday, we reported that Frog Fractions — the bizarre game that masquerades as an old-school educational game — was available for the first time on Steam. Titled Frog Fractions: Game of the Decade Edition, you can still get it for free and play it in 4K resolution.

How hard is funfrog fractions?

Frog Fractions: Missile Defense, Dvorak, Touhou The first subgame alternates between 4 rounds of tongue-clicking and 1 round of Dvorak typing. The former doesn’t seem to get noticeably more difficult as the game progresses, but the latter does become more difficult as extra letters are added.

How big is the SWF file of Frog Fractions?

The game is distributed as a single 17.2-MB SWF file, which can take a while to load. The title screen and music make it look like a children’s game, thus setting you up for false expectations. 1. Frog Fractions: Missile Defense, Dvorak, Touhou

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