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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Fountaine Pajot new 51 cost?

Below are some option examples: A fully loaded Fountaine Pajot New 51 with Caribbean Multihulls costs around 1.050.000€. This includes the following options which are popular in the Caribbean: upgraded engines, Comfort version, Owner's suite, A/C throughout, powerful watermaker, all canvasses, icemaker, and more.

What's new on the Saba 50?

The SABA 50 was one of the first models, after the Helia 44, to benefit from the latest Fountaine Pajot innovations. The sailing performance remains a priority for Fountaine Pajot catamarans.

How many cabins does a Saba 50 have?

The Saba 50 Maestro Crew is similar at port with an Owners cabin, and has 3 starboard cabins. The Saba 50 Quintet has 6 cabins and 6 bathrooms, ie 3 on each side.

What is the largest Fountaine Pajot catamaran without a skipper?

SABA 50 was the largest Fountaine Pajot sailing catamaran that is easy to handle without a skipper. Almost 140 boats of this model have now been sailing all around the world.

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